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UK Journal #34

            My first flight on the journey home ended up taking off a

half an hour later then it was supposed to. Although I made it to Brussels the flight delay I caused me to miss my flight back into America which left me stranded in a City and Country I’ve never heard of before until I landed there… no one seemed to speak a lick of English, I couldn’t access the airports Wifi to send an email or text, the phones is Brussels didn’t call to America ( same with the pay phones ) and the airport was massive. I lost contact with everyone for about an hour and a half to two hours. I defiantly was worried but I gave myself time to think and I came up with a plan. I needed to find someone at the airport that worked for Brussels airlines and request that they connect me to new tickets that’ll get me back home. They said I couldn’t fly out to America until tomorrow morning, but while I waited they could hook me up with a hotel in Brussels. So I took my hotel reservation and made my way to the hotel across the street. I was out on my own, not knowing the language or people in my foreign environment, but honestly it was pretty cool and I was forced to be submersed in their culture. After spending the night at the hotel I got up early and made my way back to the airport to catch my flight that’ll take me into Chicago.

            I landed in Chicago at about 1:00 p.m. which gave me plenty

of time to walk to my next gate that would fly me into Portland… home! I was so excited and made sure that I wouldn’t miss the flight out to Portland at all costs… and by the third plane home I was ready to crawl into my own bed, see my family and appreciate my home! All in all I had an amazing, independent journey that challenged the kind of person I’d be alone and challenged how I would learn my martial arts in a unfamiliar environment….


July 26, 2014

Posted on July 26, 2014 .