FS- Zoe Ahrendt - Day 5

UK Journal #30

1:35 a.m.

            Although there was no martial arts today I still got an

awesome chance to hang out with Louise and Mieke out in down town Nottingham. I tried some more new foods like custard and Bri Burgers ( A regular hamburger, but with bri and jam on it ) , all the food I tried was really amazing! Definitely refreshing to taste new things as well as seeing new things. So today was definitely more of a chill day which was really nice sense I’ve been constantly busy with meeting new people and with martial arts. Mieke also told me something that kind of moved me. She told me that I inspired Tracy to want to get back into martial arts ( I guess she started and kind of slowly drifted away from it ) . I never would have guess that I could inspire people like that.. then again I’m sure that the people that inspire me feel the same way… All in all today was a great relaxing day to just explore more of the European culture.


July 20th , 2014

Posted on July 26, 2014 .