FS. Kaelan Reagan 25/ Saturday workout

Hi Ethos!

Since there wasn't a Saturday workout,I met Kaitlyn at Aim High and we did our own! My Mom created the workout for us and it was pretty hard.

Overall,the workout took us about an hour and a half,but we had to move around a few times.We so we weren't in the way for all of the classes going on. We started on the Family Kicks floor, then we moved outside and finally,ended at the new annex. That's a great space! The open roll up door and the fan kept us cool for sure. That's a really big new office space for Aim High. As our Aim High family gets bigger,it's great to have more space for everyone to be able to do their work!

I think both of us had a really good workout. I was sweating and breathing hard,just like in a normal Saturday workout. Mom didn't make it easy!

Later today,Mom and I are going to go through the garage to make a donation bag for the collection at Aim High. I know BSBN Jessica asked us to blog about that after we donate. I just wanted to let her know I haven't forgotten!!

Hope to see lots of you at the Sun Run tomorrow. I'm confident I'm going to have an easier time at this one than I did at the Shamrock run!


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Posted on July 26, 2014 .