FS-Riley E-#7

     It's been a while since my last journal entry. A lot has happened during the time in between, I have finished and presented my thesis and participated in my graduation ceremony, and now have started to live on my own, rather than with roommates, at least for the time being. My training has been tweaked a bit again, before I dedicated most of my time to training and my diet was very strict. Although after I finished my thesis, my life became a whole lot less busy and hectic and my training started to go slower even though I had more time on my hands. Not because my motivation went down, but more so, from something that CJN Jeremy said in class that made me think about what I have been doing. He mentioned along the lines of how we train off the mat, we should have guidelines but not go totally crazy into it, where you might miss out on opportunities from life, because you are being too strict. There should be a healthy balance between training and your other responsibilities in life. So now I am trying to find a balance with my diet and training, when something happens that is out of my control and I might eat something that isn't for optimal performance, I won't become upset, because sometimes that leads to a downward spiral. I know what types of certain substances do to the body when consumed, yet in moderation is fine, just make up for it later and not let myself get too down. So I guess right now I am trying to find a balance but not having it effect my gains.

~Riley E

Posted on July 25, 2014 .