FS. Kaelan Reagan 24/Saturday workout

Hello Ethos!

This Saturday's workout was another tough one ! I was able to get through it,but once again,I hit a wall. It was on the second round of the second set. I started to get emotional again. I'm not sure why I cry when I get so tired! It's just wasting energy,but I can't seem to help it. My mom cheered me on and kept me focusing.

Teacher Brandy really helped me. She made sure I had good form on all of my exercises,and corrected me if I didn't. No point in doing all that work if I'm doing it wrong,right? After I hit that wall,and almost everyone else was already stretching on the other floor,I still had one more round on the second set. Brandy actually got down next to me and did the set with me. It really helped keep me focused,because I wanted to keep up with her. Thank you so very much,Brandy for encouraging me and for talking to me after we were finished. I know I am not the fastest,but I will not give up and I promise I will do the best that I can!!

I was a little sore in the afternoon,but I did all of my daily exercises today in my garage and I feel fine. Gotta keep pushing so I can hit my 10,000 goal!!


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Posted on July 20, 2014 .