FS-Darius Salagean-Phase 3 is Over

Last Friday, T-Berg came and practiced for the phase 3 test with Kaelan and I. We practiced all of the test and T-Berg and I practiced our open forms. I already see a lot of improvement in Kaelen’s forms, sidekicks, and stances. I can say that no matter how much I have learned, T-Berg has something to teach me. Phase 3 is now over and Phase 4 has just begun. Saturday’s test was great and everyone had a lot of energy. Knowing that phase 3 is over means that phase 4 will be the finial hurtle before the final black belt test. I am also happy that this year I have Daniel as a partner because he is at my skill level so we can both get good practice on the things we learned. I have also gotten my spacer taken out so I will be able to control my breathing better! Overall, this has been a great test and I have been happy to share the good and the bad with my teammates, lets go team!                                                                                                                                                                                                   -Darius

Posted on July 20, 2014 .