FS - Mike Mercer - Another Notch in My Black Belt (The One that Holds Up My Pants)

On purpose, I have kept and continue to wear the same belt that I wore the day I started working out at Aim High. I have no idea what the original size was...Just a lot bigger than it is now.

I wasn't a giant guy by any means but I was much bigger than I needed to be and, I feel, I was at a turning point where I could go down the slippery slope of becoming very unhealthy.

So over time, I would lose a little weight and would reclaim a notch on my belt. Each time that I did, it was satisfying to see the indentation from the buckle on the previously used hole. One at a time they started to fall. I would look onto the holes ahead and think about how much work it would be to overtake those measurements but how much better I would feel when I got there.

It wasn't too long before I ran out of holes. Now I was at a crossroads. I really liked this measuring stick so I didn't want to give up the belt. It was something that I looked at and interacted with every single day (except when I was required to wear a suit). Instead of tossing it and finding a new belt, I decided to start drilling new holes in it. After awhile the belt got too long and I had to modify the length. Kymra thinks this is ridiculous and about once a week says, "We need to get you a new belt." I smile and nod.

Today, I drilled another new hole. I've needed to for awhile. All told, I think it is eight inches, maybe more. I'm guessing that I might have the opportunity to drill one more before its all said and done but I'm not sure. Nothing is telling me that I need to get any skinnier and I'm certainly not trying to. At this point, I'm beyond any goal that I originally had to the point where I can set goals that are much more accomplished; goals that I once wondered if they would ever be a reality to pursue.

At that, I am grateful. You all have me feeling like a kid again... Actually, you've got me acting like a kid again...I've always felt like a kid.

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Posted on July 19, 2014 .