FS- Kaelan Reagan #23/ Phase 3!

Hello Ethos!

    I just want to start by saying that I think everyone did an amazing job on the phase 3 test! I also want to say thank you to the other two poom belts, Taylor and Shane. We worked out well together and when I was so tired that I felt like I couldn't go on,they both were great teammates. They didn't give me a hard time or make me feel bad, they just took another turn without stopping! Both of the guys were very encouraging and that is what Ethos is all about!!

    My Mom thinks that this was my strongest phase test by far and I think I have to agree with her. Everything felt right and I felt like I was giving it my all. Of course,it helps when so many black belts are cheering you on the way everyone was! It definitely helps me get pumped up when I hear so many people offering me encouragement and giving value. I feel like I'm just as much of the team as everyone who already had their black belt.

    Now,I do have to admit,I had a bit of trouble toward the end of the test. We were almost done and I was just honestly exhausted. Since there were only three of us,we did a lot more reps of the things we were practicing. It felt like I barely had a second to catch my breath before it was my turn again. I started to fall into a negative state. I started to cry and said that  "I can't" and " I didn't want to ". This is when I'm glad I have a supportive mom. Even though I was starting to get emotional,my mom was there the entire time for me. She was cheering me on and encouraging me. She told me "It's just tired.You can push through this!"  and "you've worked too hard to stop now!"  After we were finished on the floor,I actually had to run to the restroom,because I felt like I was going to throw up! Lucky for me, I didn't!

After the test,KJN Jeremy sat down with us for a few minutes and told me to not be too hard on myself. He showed us my scores for a second and they were very good scores.That helped me to calm down a bit. As I always like to do,I sat with my Mom and watched the black belts finish the test. I love to watch how awesome candidates can be! I also like to make sure I'm near the team when you all bow out,because we are all Ethos! Giving everyone high fives after such a hard test was an awesome way to end the test! I know I am a part of this team!

  In the car on the way home, my mom told me it was very hard watching me hit the wall.I could hear it in her voice that she was trying not to cry. She said that it was a Mom's job to be there for her child. It was hard to sit and watch  me so exhausted and  on the verge of cracking and not be able to help me get through. But really,she did help me get through! She said that she was proud of the way that I pushed and didn't let the negative take over. I had a strong workout,and that I should be super proud of what I did.

Three phases down....I got this!


Posted on July 13, 2014 .