FS-Kaelan Reagan Blog 17 Poison oak!

Hello Team,

    My ankles are healed.My bruises have faded away. My poison oak was all but gone as of Friday.Well, it exploded on Saturday and Sunday! It's a fresh round all over again on my hand and now even a spot on my leg. Its on my neck and near my face! Mom took me to the doctor today and he gave me a prescription for steroids for 5 days. I have to make sure I keep the areas clean and covered with anti-itch stuff. I can't workout,because if I sweat and if the bubbles pop,it spreads!

Even though I can't work out today,I came to class to support my team. Hopefully I will be able to work out on Wednesday.I definitely hope I'm ready to do the kick a thon on Saturday!

During class tonight, I took a lot of notes so I can make up the work out. The team was practicing the 2ND phase test. KJN wants us to make sure we are energized during class.He wants to make sure that our ki-ups are actually giving us the power that we need. It needs to be full energy at the right time.We are going to workout on different things for shorter amounts of time,but so we can give it our full energy.

Hope to see everyone Wednesday, in my uniform!


Posted on June 9, 2014 .