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Walking in the west hills....

Soccer has started again and that means rushed dinners, long drives in traffic and urgent emails announcing changes in practice times and gear requirements. I normally don't attend class on Wednesday anyway but tonight I'm missing everyone. Took a power walk in the west hills for 30 mins and plugged in my headphones. Its fun to walk in a strange neighborhood and think about what it might be like to live there. You look at the cars and the lawns and get ideas. I realized as I walked that I like my life! I wouldn't change it I don't think. Even with the crazy busy times and the training schedule at aim high. There is a certain energy to it that I like. It motivates and encourages me to strive for more personal goals then the external things that don't really matter. Like houses and cars. I'm glad my kids are healthy and involved in sports. I'm going to change my attitude (which can happen fast in case you don't know) and be grateful I'm here tonight.

BSBN and Soccer Mom Jessica

Posted on June 4, 2014 .