FS- Jaelynn Asuncion- Every little thing

Every little thing is my affirmation. That to me plays along with the ripple effect because one small thing we can do can make an enormous amount of impact on someone or something else. Before we say or do any action we should think and decide whether what we are doing will make a good effect or a bad effect. I think that this can also help us make more efficient decisions because say you are solving a math problem and you think that you have the right answer right away, you should not write down the answer right away instead take a little extra time to double check your work to see if it is accurate and easy to understand. That alone can get you a better grade. Every little thing also means to take your time and not let yourself rush. You might not make smart decisions. It won't hurt to slow down a little and take your time.

--- Jae Jae

Posted on June 4, 2014 .