FS-Taylor Williams-Teamwork

Journal #19

The Saturday before last was our Ethos team meeting. Prior to the full team meeting, there was another meeting with KJN and the advanced degree team. I arrived at the studio at about 7:05 and in no more than 10 minutes found myself on hands and knees alongside BSBNs Zoe, Jessica, and John scraping a paint mess on the bathroom floor while BSBN Brandy handed us various scrapers and wipes from the cleaning closet. That brings me to one of the things I love most about the teamwork involved in black belt testing. At another building, that mess could have sat for hours longer, left to be the work a single person for much more time than it took us. But instead BSBNs Jessica and John noticed the mess and dropped everything to clean it up. Then BSBNs Zoe and Brandy and I jumped down to help. After about 10 minutes the mess was gone. It was a small act for all of us, but it made a big difference in keeping our school clean for all the other students. I think that actions like these are special, changing the world little by little, and it's awesome to be part of a team that accomplishes even these little feats. Sometimes it's the little actions that are harder to put effort into than the larger actions.


Posted on June 24, 2014 .