FS-Jaelynn Asuncion-Adaptive P.E

I have been meaning to blog about this topic since school ended but had been so focused on the fitness evaluation and spending time with my family. During the school year I had the chance to volunteer with the schools ISC kids. The ISC are the classrooms with kids disabilities. The fifth graders were offered the chance to work with them during there P.E. There were students that thought that it was boring and wanted to quit mid session. Then there were the kids that had a blast and didn't want the session to end. I feel like I was one of those kids. At the end of the year the ISC kids had there field day where kids with disabilities from schools all over Beaverton come and do all different track events. Volunteering with them changed my perspective because now I realize that not everyone has it easy and that some people really have to work just to do the simple things that we do everyday .

-- Jae Jae

Posted on June 24, 2014 .