FS-Brandon Machan- Ethos Fitness Evaluation And Binders-Blog #12

   Over the last few weeks I have been stressing so much about the 2nd

Fitness Evaluation. I really wanted to make a better effort to get my numbers up on everything, so I did. I usually procrastinate so much, that it isn't even funny. I don't actually TRY to procrastinate; I end up forgetting things easily. Plus, I think procrastinating actually HELPS me, because I seem to work better while under stress. I procrastinate a lot, and I had been procrastinating on my binders for a while now, not getting things done until I actually had to. So yeah, I procrastinated on my binder a little. Or a lot. I had to get a lot updated on my binder, mostly in the "Training Log" Section. I had been workout out a little more than usual for the last week or so. I really wanted my numbers to be higher on my Fitness Evaluation, just to mainly give me a challenge, and that I wanted to progress further in my numbers and training.

In the actual Fitness Evaluation, I think everyone did really great.

I actually surpassed all of my goals on my Fitness Evaluation. It was actually a pretty fun Fitness Evaluation, and I was sort-of glad we didn't do the flexibility part because it hurt my hips a lot. The Fitness Evaluation gave me a sense of "Accomplishment" to my workouts, and made me have more confidence in my binder expectations and the overall test. I'm glad that I was able to succeed in working hard enough to fulfill my goals, and I was really happy that I got to also see and help some other people progress within their Fitness Eval. Numbers too. The Fitness Evaluation actually taught me something that I hadn't been paying attention to before. As I said, I had been procrastinating, which I don't really want to do because it puts me under a lot of worry and stress. I don't think I'll be procrastinating a lot anymore, because I'm going to make an effort not to. I'm not going to TRY to make an effort, I'm going to make one.

   And a special congratulations to all of the Testers that got their

new belts this weekend! Great job to all of you, and have a great time within your new rank! You all did great, and I was there to watch for a lot of the tests. I'm sure a lot of people are proud of you guys.

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Posted on June 23, 2014 .