FS-Kaelan REagan Blog 19/ The Challenge!

Hello Ethos,

This week I think that I have done very well in both poom classes.Both my energy and my power is up! Both of my Moms and KJN Jeremy seemed impressed with my workouts. I think ground defenses is actually one of the areas that I do very well in!

    Now,the reason for this blog is my challenge! KJN Jeremy asked me in class if I thought I could reach 10,000 push ups before the end of the belt test.I am already well on my way to 4,000. My mom helped me figure out all of the math,and I can and will definitely hit my goal! Not only in push ups, but in sit ups and squats as well! KJN told me about rows,since I can't do pull ups at home.Since I started them just this week,I may not hit that same goal number,but I am trying to do 100 a day.    

 Thinking it will be really cool when I reach my goal! If only this itchy rash I've had all over my body since Wednesday night would go away...It's worse than the poison oak!!!

I hope everyone is ready for Saturday!


Posted on June 20, 2014 .