FS-T-berg-Ethos Mandatory Meeting Blog #7

Hello Ethos Team!

Last Saturday we had our mandatory meeting . This meeting was really an eye opener for me because I am the one that is the tester and not my parents, brother or friends. This meeting was suppose to show our progress for this year, and it did just that. It also showed that we are leaders if we want to be or not. Having this meeting proved to me that I am falling behind in my blogs and my binder is not as organized as last year so that will change! Now that I can see my progress is a reality, I need to work harder not so much on the physical side of martial arts but in the mental and knowledge side of martial arts. I am now going to be more productive with my free time to blog and to work on my binder. I am also going to work hard on finding the best 3 environmental and acts of kindness along with my leadership projects. I now see that the mental side of martial arts is just as important as the physical side of martial arts. A big thank you to KJN and the rest of the team for speaking at the meeting.

T-Berg Out!

Floranda "Anne" May you always walk in beauty...

Posted on June 19, 2014 .