FS-Kaelan Reagan Blog #18/ Kick a thon!

Hello Ethos!

    I hope everyone who participated in the kick a thon had a fun time!

    I really enjoyed being able to count for one of the Little warrior girls.Her name was Naja. It was her first time and you could tell she was very nervous. She actually started a little bit later than everyone else,but still kicked over 700 times. It was fun to be able to cheer her on and give her some ideas for better,faster kicks!

    I kicked 3,255 kicks this year.Mom told me if I hit 8,000 that we could get a new dog! I was totally psyched,but quickly realized that I wasn't ready for that challenge just yet!  I started off quickly,going kick for kick with the other guy on the same bag. I think I got tired quickly,which was embarrassing to me because I had to stop and get some water. My Mom,who was keeping track of my kicks,reminded me that I had to find a pace and keep that rhythm. It was better for me to keep on my own pace than to try to keep up with the other guy. Once I settled in and focused on keeping my breathing regular (that's still something I have to work on)it became easier.

    I want to thank KJN Jeremy and Teacher Randal for their fun encouragement! I didn't get my dog,but there's always next year...:)


Posted on June 18, 2014 .