FS-Brandon Machan- Team Meet Up- Blog #11

Hey guys, sorry I haven't been blogging. I planned on blogging sooner, but as some of you know I didn't feel well and stayed away from electronics for a little bit to let my head rest. This is a kind-of late blog, about last Saturday's meet up with the team.

Okay, so last Saturday we came in at 8 o'clock AM to discuss our progress, and how to display it to inspire the younger belts to do the same as us. We talked a long time about that, and we branched off to different teams to figure out where everyone was on their binder expectations on a sheet that we checked off. I am not having the best time with my binder. I constantly have to remind myself to blog and update my binder every week, and I sometimes forget so I am behind. I am also behind on the Major Acts of Kindness/Environmental Acts. I have One Major Environmental Act of Kindness and no Major Acts of Kindness. I'm trying to schedule something so I can do some over the summer.

I am also not clear on the idea of the Major Acts of Kindness. I know that it is doing something kind that stands out, but not as much as a Leadership Project. I'm looking for some examples, so if you guys could please help me on this I would be happy.

I also need to do my Interviews. I already have my 3 people that I picked to Interview, I just need to make time to ask them the questions now. I'm thinking of doing them once every month so that I don't do them all at once. I need a little help on keeping track and remembering everything. I need to keep up my game and continue to do everything that I need to do.

-Brandon Machan

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Posted on June 17, 2014 .