FS- Zoe Ahrendt - Today

Journal #21

            So my day today was packed with tons of events! So the 7:15

a.m. meeting for the third degree testers took place first and before we even got into the meeting we discovered that someone had taken white paint and splattered it all over the bathroom floor… So Taylor, Jessica, John, Brandy and I took on the epic task of scraping it off the floor. Anyways from the meeting with the other third degrees it seemed like we needed to meet one on one more often so that we can collectively be on the same page.. this was the overall message that I walked away with. After the meeting I did the kick-a-thon and kicked a total of 7,411 kicks! SO PROUD! My initial goal was 5,000 but I obviously surpassed it! After I wobbled off the mat, changed and then got into my Self Defense class. The tool that I walked away with from the class was recognizing the different Danger zones…

White- Unaware

Yellow- Aware

Orange- Danger is present

Red- Danger is high

Black- Combat is used

I’m really glad I took the self defense class and I plan to take it again in August !


June 14th, 2014

Posted on June 14, 2014 .