Chelsea Weigelt-FS- Blog 8

Lately I have had a really difficult time managing all of my responsibilities. My training has seemingly headed to the back burner as work, family, and moving have been keeping me busy and I have been exhausted. I have taken this last week away from the studio to re-evaluate where I am at with testing and what my priorities are, and also to spend some time unpacking so I don't live out of boxes. I have spent some time evaluating my goals. While I feel behind physically I have made some significant progress in my spiritual and mental goals. It is the halfway point now. As challenging as this is for me right now I will commit and focus on my goals. Throughout my conversations with other team members and instructors I have come to realize that this degree means something much different than my last one. As I try to balence everything I may have to let go of the guilt that I feel about missing classes and realize that part of my test is now to apply all that I have learned during my time at aim high to life outside of the studio. I have a very busy next couple of months and will be traveling a lot. I will make up my training with outside workouts and be there as much as I can. I feel a little disconnected because I am away so much. I will not be at the meeting tomorrow because I am visiting my family in Spokane but will use FaceTime so I can be there as a part of the team. Good luck to all of you participating in the kickathon tomorrow!

Posted on June 13, 2014 .