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Kwanje talked about the adrenaline rush we all feel at times under stress or threat in class on Monday night. We teach a class called OIS where I work because sometimes our staff get into situations where the people they support become aggressive. We teach a stress model that introduces the idea of Flight, Fight or Freeze. When we are faced with a threat our bodies will naturally do one of these three things. You can't stop it. It is ingrained in us in our limbic system. During this split second all of your blood rushes out of your head and into your extremities - you literally get dumber - so that your muscles can take over and react in the way your body determines is best.

The only way to overcome this is to train. Police and Fire and first responders spend years perfecting the ability to over ride these systems so that they run into the danger instead of away. It is pretty amazing to think about how hard it would be to ignore your instinct to protect yourself and rush to the aid of others.

Whenever a tragedy strikes, like today at Reynolds, there is always a hero. Some teacher or fellow student who rushed in to help others. What amazes me is that these people never had any training. They overcome their fear based on WILL. The desire to create a different outcome. I think those people are black belts in life.

It is hard not to feel sad today that such violence exists in the world. I hope as Aim High Black Belts (with Ethos) we can work to make it different.

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Posted on June 10, 2014 .