apologize/blog # 12

First I would like to apologize about my terrible grammar and misspellings on my 3 blogs yesterday.

Today I am going to talk about yesterday and today’s exercises. Yesterday I had a great time at the starlight run and I even saw 2 teachers from my school at the run their names are Mrs. Gasper and Ms. Vanzant. the run was hard because I was crouching and standing up while giving people high fives. then we had to do the rout again because we needed to go sit somewhere for the parade,then we ran back to the car which was super fun. I am a little sad that Kaelan couldn’t come but at least I had fun with the rest of the Ethos group.

Today I did football camp which was amazing because we did a lot of agility and speed [running] training and a lot of other fun stuff. But it was just plain fun to me it was also hard because we just did the run not 1 day ago so my body was sore. What made even more fun is when I told the coach what I did the day before and then I said NO PAIN NO GAME SIR! When I said sir he said just call me coach.😂

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Posted on June 1, 2014 .