FS- Taylor Williams- Last Night.....

Last night was our Phase 2 Testing. Everyone bought it with energy and knowledge. It was such a great testing environment with all the intensity and support. Overall, I feel really good about my performance and am proud of everyone else's. Looking back, last night has become a blur of movement. It was intense and it was special. It didn't matter that wrist hurt, that my calves burned from soft bouncing, that I had trouble breathing through my allergies, because last night I felt different. Last night I felt invincible. I felt uncharacteristically confident, trusting myself 100% to land and execute every move. It was amazing. Thanks to Zoe for being a great partner, (as always), I think we make a great team.

Now that I'm done ranting about my experience, I think I will take a moment to recognize a few of my fellow testers who I saw grow a lot last night.

Brandon: WOW!! What a transformation, you had great energy and technique. Nice job last night and overall. I wish your judges would have had the chance to look in your binder like I did because you have done a great job keeping up with and maintaining it.

Kaelan: You are a great team member, very supportive and genuinely caring. I am always impressed by how you listen to others' advise and use it make yourself better. Keep it up!

Jaelynn "Jae Jae": As always, well done. You topped yourself again. You pack a punch with a side of attitude.

T-Berg: You are going rock it yet again at Pac Jewel this weekend. Great work!!

To BSBN Girl Sam and CGN Randal: Well done on testing with your injuries, you both did great in spite of them and helped keep the energy up.

And to everyone else, great job. Our team is getting stronger every phase and I am anxious to see how we will all continue grow.


Posted on May 8, 2014 .