FS - Kaitlyn Gonzales - Blog#1 - Training with a Power Ranger

I am behind on blogs and will be working on it to catch up.

On Jan 25, 2014, my dad took Jack and I to the Portland Comic Con. Like last year, the Green Ranger, Jason David Frank had a special training session on the last day.

Jack and I attended again this year. He talked about the importance of Ki-Ups to help add power to your moves. We did front kicks, jab/cross, and jumping front kicks. He also talked about how you can tell how long someone have trained or whether or not someone is a black belt just the way you do these simple moves.

For fun, at the end he played a game of "Sensei" Says. He was pretty tricky and we all had fun laughing as we and the other people got out.

Thank you,

-Kaitlyn May 6, 2014

Posted on May 7, 2014 .