FS-Kaelan Reagan. Blog 12...it's not all about me

Hi everyone!

Saturday's workout was very tiring,but also awesome!  I really liked the workout. It is fun to do different things !

What we do does have an effect on others.if I stay positive,those around me may have an easier time staying positive,too. That is especially true during hard workouts.its definitely not always easy. Giving value is defined in our intelligent curriculum study as " helping those around you,without expecting anything in return". Even though I have to document my acts of kindness for our test,I know that I feel really good about helping my moms,my sister,or even strangers without being asked. Even after the test, I will make sure that I continue to help others as much as I can!

One of the things my family does that affects others locally is that we love to go to the local farmer's markets for our fresh fruits and vegetables. By buying our produce from local farmers,we are able to make sure that they also earn a living. I have also made sure that when my eyeglasses are no longer useful to me, I donate them to the Hillsboro Costco,who sends them to people in need.

As I get older,I can't wait to be able to volunteer at a  animal shelter.  

Posted on May 7, 2014 .