FS- Zoe Ahrendt- Every Action

Journal #16

            Girl Sam made a good point last Saturday morning during

special training when she said that our direct actions affect others all around us. I feel like Girl Sam demonstrated this well when she paired us with a partner and had one run around two buildings while the other was doing Burpies until the other partner was done running their lap. This meant that if one partner decided to walk around the two buildings then the other partner would pay the price and would have to do twice as many Burpies.

            Another excellent example would be purchasing a food item

at a specific grocery store which would affect lots of different things…

You buy a can of soup à

Employees at the grocery store get paid à They use their money on family, school or friends

Employees at the soup factory get paid à They use their money on family, school or friends

The soup company made money and will keep producing soup à Many will continue to have jobs

Materials that were used to make the can itself will be in higher demand àMore natural resources will be needed

The food contents within the soup will be in higher demand à More farms will be in business à Farmers can get properly paid à Will use their money on family, friends or school

More gas will be used due to trucks transporting the soup from store to store à Can promote global warming

            Again I just took a simple example and look how much ONE

thing affected so many other things! Together we are a black belt Ethos team, meaning we have to work together and think about our individual actions that will affect our whole team…

This was the overall lesson I walked away with from our recent Saturday morning black-belt training.


May 6, 2014

Posted on May 6, 2014 .