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Hello Everyone,

This Thursday was awesome! A large part of my science grade this period was going to be based on my science fair project. I had to make a board to be displayed at our yearly school science fair and deliver a speech in class about it. I chose to test the difference between the accuracy of  testing for acids and bases using pH strips against a homemade indicator-red cabbage water.  After my presentation, my teacher chose me as one of only five students in Lenox 5th grade classes to represent our school at the regional science fair,held at Liberty High School!!

What an honor,to be able to represent Lenox! At the regional fair, several judges looked at everyone's exhibits and asked us several questions. The judge asked me  how my experiment could help the world,even!   It was not an actual competition,but we were still given scores. Seven categories and a scale of 1-5. I received  (6) 5's and (1) 4!!!   I was so excited!

My Moms are both very proud of my work. They said I am  juggling a lot this year and I am still doing very well. There are times that I get discouraged because I feel like every moment of my week is spoken for,but  then I realize my hard work does pay off  :)


Posted on May 5, 2014 .