FS - Jessica Leitner 13th Blog

Saturday Training was great - good solid workout and it was fun to partner with Chelsea. I felt it the next day in my shoulders and upper back. But it was the good kind of hurt. The two weeks prior I have been MIA on the mat but hard at work out of the Dojo. I had back to back fundraising events and parent meetings for work that took me away from my usual training schedule. Even though I walked and went running I still felt the difference between workouts when I am training daily and those when I am not.

Regarding Girl Sam's mat chat: very fitting for me. My affirmation is "Shi On" which is a zen term that means "think distant". To Shi On is realize that you must be present to exactly what is happening in this very moment yet mindful of how what you do now will impact you and others in the future. Supporting the integration of MAFC and the east side testers is very important now. And we will not know the affect it will have until some time down the road.

My phase test is delayed along with John, Chelsea, Mike M and a few others but I am still pressing on. As in the immortal words of Pink Floyd (with a little zen modification" Shi On you crazy diamond!

BSBN Jessica

Posted on May 5, 2014 .