FS-Brandon Machan- Saturday Workout

Saturday Morning Workout

   Last Saturday we did a really intense workout.  We started off

running (As usual) around Aim High and OGA. We did about two laps with a partner. Afterwards we picked up a kettle bell/medicine ball from inside Aim High and went back outside. I picked up the kettle bell that weighed 8 pounds.

With the kettle bells, we ran around Aim High and OGA. The people

with the kettle bells that were running would run one lap, and then do five squats with their partner, throwing the kettle bell back and forth between each other. Then, they'd run and the people waiting for their partners would do Burpees.

I found myself a little breathless from this workout. I couldn't

really run without frequently stopping for breath. I didn't want to stop, but I had to. It made me feel a little lightheaded and dizzy during the middle, but it passed.

   The reason why I didn't like stopping was because I didn't want to

fall behind and be a burden, especially to my partner who was waiting for me doing Burpees. I do admit that it was a really hard workout though, and I like that it involved teamwork.

   At the end, we did a little fun exercise. We tied our partner's belts

around their eyes and led them to the end of the room and back. It was pretty fun. But it feels weird to be blind. I kind of liked the workout a little more than others.

~Brandon M.

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Posted on May 5, 2014 .