FS - Ryan Benedict - blog 8 my lob in my home

my job in my house is to do my chores , listen to my parents , and be a good kid.

my chores are to take the dogs out, take out the trash, clean the bathroom, clean my room, laundry. I help with taking the dogs out by walking them to the dog run also I clean the dog run I feed them.

I also take the trash out. I clean the toilets and the sink also. every Saturday I do the laundry with my sister we sort the clows by darks whites and pinks. I also put away laundry.

I usually listen to my parents like when my parents tell me to do something I do it. like they usually tell me to take the dogs out and I do it and I think that makes them feel good. when ever they tell me to do something I do it.

I be a good kid by listening. today in school I did my ocks state math test and I didn't pass.☹

it is also not talking back and finishing stuff to exceed.


Posted on May 5, 2014 .