KS-Kaelan Reagan Blog#16- Injuries

Hello Team!!     This week was difficult! Between all of  my bumps and bruises from the camping trip, I've  gotten some kind of rash  or bite on my right ankle, poison oak (or something like that) on my left hand, and my left ankle is still a little swollen. I apologize that I was was not at any classes this week. I also couldn't do a mile run during P.E on Wednesday. It is a very important part of every quarter. And finally, just yesterday, I badly scraped my hands on the blacktop of my school.     I wasn't allowed to scratch my left ankle because of the rash and can't scratch my left hand because of that rash! My mom gave me some kind of medicine that was supposed to stop the itch. It did, but it also made me sleepy, and cranky. So, for the rest of Friday morning, I was grumpy, cranky, sore, and itchy all at once!      One of the most annoying things this week was when I was excused from the run, A LOT of girls in my class thought that it wasn't fair that I didn't have to do the mile. It mostly the girls who wore boots, little dress shoes, and sandals on the day that they knew we ALL had to do the run.If they could have switched bodies with me for one moment, they would not  want what was wrong and why I couldn't do the run.     I hope that none of the rest of you have gotten any of the injuries that I have gotten, and if you do ( or even have worse injuries), I hope that you are getting well!

     I promise that I will try my best to get better so I can go to classes next week. If not, I will still go to classes. Because, it's not just me that's in pain right now. And I'm sure others of you in pain went to classes. So I will go, to not only get over my pains and aches, but to be there for the rest of you as well.      AIM HIGH and NEVER, EVER  GIVE UP!!!

    - Kaelan    

Posted on May 31, 2014 .