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Leaving Early:

Ah bast laid plans. We have had this campout on our calendar for months now and really look forward to it every year. This year especially because both our teen agers agreed to go and with one almost up and out of the house this is likely the last car campout we will ever take as a family.

Friday morning before departure Sarah's coach called - and they have a jamboree in Newberg on Sunday night. What a weird time for a soccer game. But her commitment to her team is just as important as our commitment to ours and so we agree to split the time. But that meant we had to leave early.

Leaving Sunday while everyone was off on the hike was like pulling velcro .

I was grateful for the time on Saturday night getting to know all of you better. And sorry I missed the awesome skits. I hope CGN Josh & BSBN Sarah were a good addition to your mentor list. They aren't around the studio much but I know they would be there for any of you if you need them.

Special shout out to the Hoskins family. Seeing you yesterday morning lifted my spirits.

BSBN Jessica

Posted on May 26, 2014 .