FS - Jessica Leitner 14th Blog

From May 17 special training:

It was really fun to do the work out in the field and to have BSam and John leading us. The hardest part for me is that after the run I want to get right to the exercises. When we have the long periods of time waiting and getting explanations I feel my body cool down and then I worry about injury.

Injury is probably my single biggest worry on this test. I know I can't kick high anymore or that I am not as flexible - so I can let that go - it is just that the bangs and bumps and bruises just don't heal as quickly and I find I cannot recover from them.

Some of the testers talked about the workout being "easy". Have to laugh and I know I challenged everyone to blog about the fact that this is phase 3 - SO - if we had done this same workout in January everyone would have said it was "brutal"....but really what is changing is our conditioning. So congrats to everyone who ran the whole way, didn't quit jump roping, and shadboxed the whole 2 minutes. GREAT work out guys!

BSBN Jessica

Posted on May 26, 2014 .