KS-Kaelan Reagan Blog 14/ Saturday workout

*Note from Kelly- I apologize this blog is posted late. Our computer,which is as old as Sophia to begin with, had two viruses that were making it impossible to use. All good again! *

Hello Ethos Team! I just wanted to say that everyone did an amazing job on Saturday! Also,even though she couldn't use one of her legs,Zoe still showed up. That  is an awesome team member!

This workout didn't seem as bad to me. BSBN Jessica told me it's because I'm already past the second phase and I have gotten better in my breathing while running and my strength and stamina! I really do believe her. All those things are true.I don't lose my breath so badly anymore and  I can run  A LOT farther than I ever did before!  I know it's going to get even easier, because now that the Pac Jewel is over,CGN Darius and his Mom are awesome enough to invite me to go running with them around the Rock Creek trail,which is close to where we both live.

On Sunday night,we had to pick out what we were going to wear on Monday. One of the shirts I was going to wear didn't really fit so well and I had to choose another shirt. I got upset with myself because of that. Both of my Moms talked to me right away about how all of our bodies are shaped differently and that they know I am built just like my Mom is. She told me she had a belly until middle school and then she stretched enough that it went down. She said when we go to New Jersey,my Grandma could show me pictures that  we are built the same. They also told me that I am way ahead of where my Mom was in physical fitness and that I really didn't have anything to worry about. Patty made me  hold in my stomach muscles and I was so surprised when they poked me to show me that my abs were as hard as a rock! I laughed because I didn't ever think about  my stomach muscles being as strong as they are!

I'm very excited for camp in a few days! Aim High and never give up!


Posted on May 22, 2014 .