FS-Kaelan Reagan Blog #13 Phase two test


Hello team!

Everyone did an amazing job at the phase two test! Thinking back to that day, I was really very inspired by watching Taylor and Zoe. They were on fire!

I do admit,once again, I was a bit nervous before the test started.I have no idea why I thought I would mess something up or not do well.Taylor Berglund,Darius's Mom and my mom all did a nice job of helping me calm down right before we started. I have to remember to keep the negative thoughts out so I can start the test at 100% from the very beginning. I feel like I did the best  that I could and was proud at the end.I did get very helpful feedback from the Black belts who helped grade me. Thank you for that! I know I plan to show improvement on every phase test!

After I tested,I stayed to watch the older degrees to cheer them on and to watch and learn from them. Ryan and I were even allowed to come out onto the floor twice to test with the black belts!! The first time was when we were doing forms with a poom belt I had never met.His name is Mike. After I moved down to be next to him when he was having a little trouble,I knew I was helping him through it and that really made me feel good. (Later after their test was done,we ran through the form again slowly a few times)

Toward the end of the black belt test,we were invited again to have the privilege of being allowed to do open form kicks down the line with everyone.What a rush!

When we were driving home,I was exhausted. It was late and I was ready to get to sleep,but I got to think about the test over in my head and remember all of the great things that I accomplished. I am especially proud of my high kicks during th free kicking lines.

Good luck to you all! I know that we can all do great,everyone is looking awesome!         

Posted on May 17, 2014 .