FS - Mike Mercer - Leadership Development...From Bali (sorry, had to say so)

I just wanted to put up a quick post to say that it we had an incredibly productive day over here in Indonesia. I’m working on something that will serve as a composite project for the Ethos test. I see it as a next step from Project Based Leadership into a Leadership Project Requiring Leadership Development. The project is, in part me - and my development as a leader - and, in part, the development of actual leaders to see it to the next level.

I love the State Management portion of our intelligent curriculum. While it speaks to managing yourself in an incident or an environment, I think that it speaks to how we handle things over a duration. A black belt test is sort of an All or None Proposition. In reality, I think it is actually a test of State Management in a prolonged season - it forces us to get things in order so that we can handle more without losing the rest of the load that we’re already carrying. It actually matures things to an Overall Proposition rather than an All or None. I say this with authority because I have an All or None personality. In maturity, I’ve realized that when you have such a disposition, you end up with None more often than All. Those are losses.

So to my leadership project. It’s actually a piece that I’ve been working on for awhile…and it has been floundering. We have an outreach to a population of destitute women who live and work in a central cemetery in a large Indonesian city. To be delicate, the work they do there is the only work that is available to them, it is illegal, and it is 100 percent informed by poverty. They are an aging and diseased population that is desperate for help.

We’ve had some major hang-ups on this project that have included sincere challenges with a partner organization. While our complaints are more than legitimate, it is the second hang-up that we have complete control over and is the piece that we’re improving: The development and appointment of appropriate leadership. And by appropriate leadership, I mean NOT ME (See All or None Proposition Above)! That is both a matter of U.S. and Indonesian based development and I am excited about both.

I have a bunch more to post but I’ll leave it there for now. Since this is a part of my test, I’ll be referencing it a bit. Since the subject matter is sensitive, I’ll be fairly opaque about some of the core issues until I have a little more confidence on what to share. While the appropriate direct leader of the Cemetery Project has been there, I have been in Bali for meetings for a future project here. I’ll share a little about that as well in the next days.

in the meantime, I rep'd out Paigwe 4 a few times this morning in the local dojo pictured below. I do sincerely apologize for not having it down last week. i don’t apologize for having to practice in this environment:)

Nusa Dua/Benoa Sunrise

Nusa Dua/Benoa Sunrise

Much love,

Posted on May 14, 2014 .