FS-Serena Radona- Cartwheeled to the Face

(This may be VERY long. And by "may" I mean "it's going to be REALLY long")

Wait... Serena only has FIVE BLOGS? riot in the streets

There is an explanation to this "madness!" Two weeks ago I had like, a billion (OK, that's a lie I had like three) blogs i was going to post and then I got a concussion. How you ask? I got cartwheeled in the face. Yup. Seriously, I'm not lying. In Demo Team, we were doing cartwheels in our lines, and apparently the lines were crooked and in a blink of an eye, Jae's heel was ramming into my face. (JAE. I'M NOT BLAMING YOU FOR THIS) In that split second, my sight was suddenly dark, my head was spinning, and my jaw felt like it had reclined backwards into my mouth. Using common sense and also the sense of pain and dizziness, I sat down and T-Berg's mom calmed me down and contacted my mom. There was no chairs so I sat on the ground next to Zach and Gizmo (I don't know if I'm spelling his name right) holding the place where my jaw connects to my head. I felt more pain rush to my jaw and no matter how hard I tried, whenever I would take pressure off of my jaw, pain made a mad dash to make me hurt as much as possible. I didn't like this feeling of pity and attention on me. To be honest, I don't like the feeling of people worrying about me, because then I'm something else they have to worry about and I don't want to get in their way. Sure, they feel concern for me and that's always nice, but I don't want to weigh them down. I thought about this and I nearly cried. It's kind of funny thinking about this now, because there was really nothing to cry about and it doesn't sound like something I would do. But I guess Jae's heel broke my character along with my sanity.
I got up after awhile, feeling utterly useless at the sidelines, and started to do things normally but a small sting of pain rushed to my head every time I would do a cartwheel, or a jump kick, or anything really. Easter came and we came to the conclusion that I had a minor concussion (even though it wasn't doctor approved) and I felt completely fine, but just held back a bit because I couldn't do what I usually do. Monday rolled around and during school, my forehead felt like it was going to explode. I had a really hard time remembering things and doing something as walking around. I went home early that day. We went to the doctor's and I had a full-on concussion. Meaning I could do ABSOLUTELY nothing. I couldn't even go outside. I could do very little walking (like walking from my bed to the dinner table.) I felt useless and alone. All my friends were in school, my dad slept while I stay wide awake in my room, I couldn't interact with anything. And being in a silent house doesn't help. I spent my time eating, playing the piano, and sleeping because I couldn't put mental stress on my brain. A week pasted and I was well enough to go outside! Wow, that came out really lame-sounding. I made a gradual return to full activity and now I am taking class normally! Yaaaaaaaay!

Oh, and there will be more blogs to come.

That's all.

Moral? Um, obey the doctor? Yeah, that sounds good.

——— Serena ———

Posted on May 13, 2014 .