FS-Brandon Machan- Phase Two

            Hey guys!

            This last week was insane. We had two major and important

things; the Pac Jewel Tournament and our Phase Two Test. The Phase Test was really great. Everyone brought an epic amount of energy and intensity to the Mats. We all did an amazing job. I think I need to work on my binder though, because I purposefully procrastinate so I work harder. It's not a healthy habit, but I still do it. I need to keep track of my numbers and exercises and keep my binder up to date with what we do weekly. I hope you guys are doing better than me on this.

A special shout out to the Poom Belts who really brought it during their phase test, and even came on for some of our Black Belt Phase Test. You guys are awesome. You guys brought a lot of power and energy when you tested. You nailed it.

Only Two more Phases to go guys! Be ready for anything and keep studying the knowledge base.

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Posted on May 11, 2014 .