FS-Zoe Ahrendt- A Dent

Journal #13

            I'm really happy to say that Taylor and I completed the

rough draft of our high school pamphlet! Plus we also got two interviews in from different high school counselors. So far this project has been truly enlightening mainly because I'm slowly starting to better understand bulling at a different level. I'm starting to understand the bully, victim and the bystander (this person is not discussed in most bully cases ).

            So interviewing my high school counselor was really awesome

because she gave me some great tips and pointers that really never crossed my mind. For example she thinks that the best way to stop bulling is to start early in children. She says that if a parent teaches a child a specific set of morals and educates them on bulling it's very less likely that when the child grows up they will bully someone or be bullied.

            Overall Taylor and I are making a dent in our project and

I'm really excited to see how it'll turn out!


April 6, 2014

Posted on April 6, 2014 .