FS-Kaelan Reagan Blog #6 Running

Hello Everyone, BSBN Brandy was awesome today! She took the time to pull me aside for a minute and discuss my running. Because I never really ran much before, I have to learn to keep my pace better. I want to try to keep up with the group,but I'm not ready to do that yet. I run too fast to try to keep up,then tire out quickly and fall behind. Brandy noticed that I run better if I run with a partner. That way, I just have one person I'm thinking about keeping up with and I can concentrate on my breathing and my pace. It probably sounds weird to some of you,but my Mom tells me I "forget to breathe" when I'm in the middle of something tough.  BSBN Brandy also took the time to speak with my Mom and then followed up with a message for me to read.  Patty,Sophia and I are definitely going to start running at Liberty High school,using the tips Brandy has given us!

The Saturday morning workout was excellent! It stretched my muscles and pumped us all up! Everyone did an awesome job! Nobody seemed to slow down or give up at all. It's definitely easier to complete a tough workout when you hear everyone encouraging each other!

After Saturday workout, CGN Darius was once again nice enough to help me work on some of the things we'll see on the Phase 2 workout. We didn't work out as long as last time,but he also told me and my Mom he wasn't feeling well! My Mom and I are so thankful that Darius is so willing to help me "dial in" my performance. I hope you are feeling better today, CGN Darius!

Have a good week,Team Ethos! Kaelan

Posted on April 6, 2014 .