FS-Darius Salagean-Shamrock run (woops i'm late!)

I'm sorry team but it seems I had forgot to post this blog!       This week has been packed with fun and excitement! On the 15th we had the Aim High classic. I got 3rd in forms and jump front kick. I also stood for as long as I could to help out with the other divisions but sadly I got a bad headache and had to leave early. :( The next day was the Shamrock run! I had only been to the Starlight run and compared to it, the Shamrock run was very big and much more organized. I had a great time running with the team and I was able to run the whole 5k without stopping! At the end of it all I had a good time and hope to do it again next year. Lastly, we had a special training that was organized by BSBN Jessica and Shane. BSBN Jessica led us through the 1 mile run and our synchronized forms. Shane led us through some tiring drills but all and all it was awesome, especially when Shane was awarded his poom belt! Good job Shane!:)

Posted on April 6, 2014 .