FS-Riley Etheridge #5

      The month of April is a very hectic one for me, mostly preparing until the 23rd when I will present my thesis. I will keep up by coming to class at Aim High of those Monday's and Wednesday's as well as the special trainings and other events. However, my outside training will decrease a bit for most of my time outside of class will be used for research and paper writing as well as practicing speeches. I have gone back to a not so healthy sleeping regiment, where I stay up all night one night and then go to sleep around midnight of the following day trying to get 8 hours of sleep and then repeating the process. Its only really possible to achieve this sleeping plan if I don't exercise outside of Aim High so that more sleep for recovery of the muscles isn't needed. I understand it is not healthy, however, I know this schedule will only be kept until after my presentation and then I will be able to hopefully integrate my new training schedule so that for the summer entering into the fall I will hopefully be at my desired physical goals for the last phase test. One aspect though, even though I'm not training physically anymore I will still keep to my same eating habits, where sometimes in the past they would drop as well.  

~ Riley Etheridge

Posted on April 4, 2014 .