FS-Jaelynn Asuncion- Invasive blackberries

Invasive Blackberries

On Sunday I did a SOLVE invasive blackberry project with Kaitlin, Darrius, Brandon, and Taylor. We pulled the blackberries out of the ground making sure to pull the root out as well. This for me was also a great learning experience. I learned that when pulling the blackberries that if you don’t pull the roots as well as the actual plant the blackberries will just keep growing because the root is like the battery.

During the project we had to have teamwork because no one can do one of the big blackberries alone. It took Taylor and I almost 20 min to get one of the big blackberries out. We also had to learn to communicate with one another. If we didn’t communicate with each other we probably would’ve gotten hurt just because of the equipment we were using.

Thank you Darrius for organizing the event.

-- Smile always ~ Jaelynn

Posted on April 30, 2014 .