FS~Riley Etheridge State Management

 Special Training with Girl Sam numbers written in complete sets of 10 reps excluding the sprinting as both ways 1 rep, accomplished per area:   Started with Box Jumps and Abdominals, to Burpee and wall ball, to back rows and push ups, and sprints. Round One: 3, 1, 2(20lbs), 10. Round Two: 3, 2, 2(20lbs), 8. Round 3: 4, 1, 2(grabbed the biggest kettle bell off on the side), 8

 State Management taken directly from our knowledge base is: " Controlling the way you feel, act, behave, and perform. There are two things that effect your state of being, your physiology and your mental interpretations; in other words, your body and mind. Change the way you think and you will change the way you feel immediately."

 Not so sure how to write about this, because its something that I already know and practice as much as possible. It relates to Martial Arts, since it is up to you how focused and intense you want the training to be, no one can force you to give it your all but if you continue to always want to overpass your initial limits its all the state management of your mind. To back it up, you have to know that not sleeping for two nights before a workout is going to make you suffer during it, and probably will hurt you and hinder your future, that is the physical part. I totally agree that changing the way you think will change everything around you, seeing each opportunity even if its negative as something good that you can take a small positive piece away from it. Basically to sum it up, an experience I had, when I was in Boot Camp, life was restricted all the way down to the basic human needs, people complained and tried to rebel during my time. It bothered me a lot as well, until I learned how to accomplish everything they restricted, to make it easier on myself. For example, our beds had to be made a certain way where if they dropped a coin it has to bounce back up a few inches if not you got PT for rest of the day, sometimes your whole unit got punished. I made my bed once during the whole time, and when it was lights out I decided it was easier to sleep under my bed for the remaining time of my stay. I controlled the way I felt about the restrictions and realized how far I could go to make these obstacles easier even though sleeping on concrete was uncomfortable. I would think, is this as bad as full day of PT? No, so simple changes and convincing myself helped me graduate from Boot Camp in a breeze. 

Posted on April 29, 2014 .