FS~Riley Etheridge Blog #6

      So I've been really slacking in the physically department lately, my gym hours have gone to zero, and not sleeping most nights has hindered my workouts especially during the special training with Girl Sam, two nights of no sleep put me in my place. However, my thesis has now been presented and I am done with my main project and most of my stress has faded. Now I just have to survive finals and the rest of my studies. I will be trying to exercise again and go farther than I did before, with the knowledge that when I return I can't lift the same as before for that will just injury me. As I have tried it before and I get angry that I can't lift it and then I lose my form and I injure myself. Summer is almost here, that is when I plan to kick it into the highest gear possible, I know that I want this black belt test to be the hardest thing in my life, I have been waiting since I started training to be given the opportunity to train for a black belt. Not so much for the belt, but for the support of the team and the intensity as everyone is trying to reach their own individual goals and surpassing them. I will be able to control my body and have complete strength over each movement at the end of the test, now that I am over the climax of my studies, I will buckle down and prove to myself I can surpass my own expectations.

~Riley Etheridge 

Posted on April 29, 2014 .