FS-T-Berg-Ethos Environmental/Earth Day volunteer Project #5 journel

On Sunday 4/27/2014 I volunteered with Darius, Brandon, Jae, Kaitlyn and I along with Uncle David (Uncle D), Darius's mom and his older sister and with my mom. We met a few more volunteers where we followed instructions on how to remove the Invasive Black Berries. It was hard work but working as a team we noticed we communicated more and most of all cleaned up a big portion of our area. Ranger Kyle was very encouraging and explain why it was important to have this black berry cleanup. We helped our nature habitat and wild life. It was great working outdoors and helping care for our mother earth. I am planning on doing more volunteer work in the summer to learn about our natural environment. We played a big role on Sunday and I am very happy to have volunteered with my Aim High family. The weather was surprising confusing, it hailed, rained, and it was sunny! And to think I almost did not go to this volunteer clean up. I sure glad I went. t-berg out.

Posted on April 29, 2014 .