FS-Taylor Berglund-Ethos-Mother Earth Day Volunteer time.

Hello Ethos Team

I have sort of slacked off with the blog and I am feeling a little upset with myself about not keeping track of my blogging. I am determine to change and keep up with my training more. Today we will volunteer (Jae Jae, Brandon, Kaitlyn and I along with Darius. I would like to say thank you for Darius for setting this up and volunteering to help with our environment requirements for this test but also we should always do our best to protect our mother earth. I am starting up a small garden in my back yard and I can't wait to see how my veggies turn out. I don't have any experience to gardening but that is not stopping me. Today is a great day to volunteer our time to care for our planet and I am very happy I get to share this with my teammates and family. t-berg out.

Posted on April 27, 2014 .