FS-Brandon Machan- Ethos Workout Numbers

  Ok team. So this last Conditioning we did the "Workout of Death" or

something like that, and these are my results. I had a particularly hard time through the workout breathing, but I managed to get through it. In my eyes, it was one of the only conditionings where we all wore ourselves out. Anyways, here are the numbers:

FIRST SET o 19 Wall ball 12LBs o 10 Burpees o 10 Dumbell Reps 15LBs (Each arm) o 17 Push Ups (Full Range & Motion) o 12 Sprint Laps across the Floor and Back o 50 Box Jumps o 52 Sit Ups

SECOND SET o 24 Wall Ball 6LBs o 20 Burpees o 10 Dumbell Reps 10LBs o 20 Push Ups o 18 Laps o 30 Box Jumps o 20 Sit Ups THIRD SET

o 12 Wall Ball 6LBs o 10 Burpees o 10 Dumbell Reps 10LBs o 15 Push Ups o 14 Laps o 17 Box Jumps o 20 Sit Ups

There are the numbers for the workout. Thank you Ethos Team for all

of the support you give me through these hard workouts. You guys are awesome!

-Brandon M.

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Posted on April 23, 2014 .