FS-Kaelan Reagan Blog #10 "My roles in life"

Hi Team,

Yesterday in class, KJN Jeremy gave us this blog assignment- "What is your role?". My three topics are : home,school and in martial arts class.

    At home, I have two roles. I am the big sister and I am a pet owner. I help my little sister,Sophia when she needs me. We spend a lot of our free time together playing. She needs me to help her build her bigger Lego sets. We play outside and Xbox,too. I have to admit that I need to work on my sister skills from time to time. My Moms say that sometimes I act too much like a third Mom to Sophia. They have explained the importance of my role as a big sister. It's not about being a parent,it's about guiding Sophia through what I've learned.  I need to make sure I focus on myself,not just Sophia. As for my second role as a pet owner,it's a super important job! Without me and (sometimes) my Mom's help, my guinea pigs would be dead! Also,it we don't take turns on cat box duty,then the cat box would be disgusting and the cats would probably get really sick.

At school,I have three roles. I am a peer helper,a class representative in the student council,and last but not least,a good student. As a peer helper,I have many younger kids looking up to me during my peer helper shift. As a peer helper, it's my job to help patrol the playground when the younger grades are at recess after lunch. This responsibility is not taken lightly,because I have to go to lunch earlier than usual,and I have to miss a few extra minutes of class to do so. A few months ago,two little kids were having an issue and I stepped in and helped them. Later that day, Mr.Matsuo,our school principal,actually called my Mom and left an awesome voice mail telling them both that he was very proud of the way I handled the problem!! Then finally,I actually have to be a good student for myself. I like to impress my teachers with my work.It's not always easy,but my Moms are always very happy with my report card. Some of the other kids "hate" me because I'm too responsible.But,that is good,unlike many kids in my class,who don't turn in assignments on time or get bad scores and don't care! Many people have told my Moms and even my Moms think that I've always been more mature for my age-in a good way!

Finally, I would say my role in martial arts class would be-the only girl poom this year! I like to think that I'm a joker/focuser. I joke with the guys but when it's time to listen or my turn to go up,I instantly focus. I do need to make sure that I don't get distracted sometimes. I have helped with my sister Sophia's classes a few times and I do like to do that. It makes me feel good knowing that I can help train our future Aim High black belts!

I hope you are all doing well in school,college, or whatever you are doing!


Posted on April 22, 2014 .