FS- Chelsea Weigelt-State Management

What a great special training Saturday morning! Thank you Girl Sam! My numbers - Lawnmowers- 40/40/47, Push-ups- 27/20/20, Sprints-16/16/16, Box Jumps- 30/26/23, Wall Balls- 18/20/10, Burpees-10/10/13

State management is such an important concept in every aspect of life. When I think about the challenges we face like Saturdays special training I feel like it comes relatively natural to continue to push ourselves by changing our thinking. We have trained for that and our instructors have expected and demonstrated this for us throughout our time at Aim High. At the studio we are surrounded by others who are motivating and like minded in the aspects of state management. At work or home this may not be the case, it can be more difficult to feed off the energy of others in a positive way if the energy that is being directed is not positive or when there are stressful and frustrating situations to overcome. This is why it is so important to remember to take what we have learned in the studio into the world. By changing the way you think you can not only change the way you feel but you can influence others by leading with that positive attitude and energy.

Posted on April 21, 2014 .